President's Desk - Ranchi Club

From President's Desk - Ranchi Club

Dear Members,

The heat is on. Literally so. However, you will agree that Ranchi Club is like an oasis in the middle of a desert. To beat the heat with a cool long drink in the company of one’s family, amidst the greenery of the Club, is worth a fortune.

We had a host of activities during the month of April. Based on a long term demand of members, the Billiards room has been shifted downstairs. The cueists are now a busy lot. The swimmers are enjoying their favourite season at the Club Pool. The splattering sound made by the enthusiastic learner can be heard from a distance. The screening of cricket matches along with sumptuous food served at the front lawns are being savoured by all. The RCL Six-a-side Night Cricket Tournament was a thundering success with active participation of kids, boys, men and even ladies. Screening of some of the latest Bollywood movies at the Tamarind was immensely appreciated by the members.

To continue with an activity packed month of April, we have a host of programmes lined up for May. So look forward to an exciting month ahead.

Visitors to the Club say one thing in unison – ‘Ranchi Club is one of the best Clubs in India’. Sure enough, few clubs can boast of such a campus in the heart of the city with a heritage Club House. Further, over the years your Executive Committees have been tirelessly trying to improve the quality of food, services & infrastructure and bring to you good entertaining programmes.

However, we cannot call our Club truly a great one, if we lack a sense of discipline, like....not adhering to the smoking zones, consuming outside food & drinks at Club premises, getting maids to the restricted areas, entertaining local guests, not adhering to timings, not being appropriately dressed, using waiters to get Pan Masala etc. from the market, and so on. The majority is inconvenienced due to the indiscipline of a few. There cannot be a watchdog for oneself at one’s own house. We have to ourselves realise the importance of upholding courtesies, norms and practices.

I call on members to help make this great institution called Ranchi Club a greater one. To give your suggestions for making our second home even better, please fill up the enclosed questionnaire and send to us. It shall help us serve you even better.

Sandeep Modi